Paper waste materials at Oribags recycling facility at Buyala Mityan Road

Nearly 60 tonnes of rubbish (59,395 kg) was collected and recycled by Oribags Innovations Company in the month of December 2021.

Oribags dutifully processed 4,976 bags of rubbish and saved nearly 60 tonnes from landfill. This also equates to a CO2 saving of 6.804 tonnes that would otherwise have been vented into the atmosphere.

This saving also includes waste paper which has separately saved the equivalent of 1,020 trees. This is very positive news and is a testament to Oribags for its dedication in recycling office, household and agricultural waste materials.

Organizations in Uganda can now benefit by optimizing their discarded material management through ORIBAGS recycling programme. This customized solution saves enterprises and households money and helps them achieve their sustainable development objectives. If you would like ORIBAGS to take care of this for you whilst saving you money with their free service, please contact them at or telephone +256 789 542263.

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