ORIBAGS responsibly manages waste,reduce  waste  from the  environment and divert  waste  disposal from accumulating in landfills. We further provide  resource efficient ways for production and  help our customers to adopt to more sustainable lifestyles  through  utilisation of recyclable and biodegradable products for their everyday needs.

ORIBAGS creates local jobs where we operate creating dignified and fulfilling work opportunities. We work with the most low income groups of society including women and youth as employees and suppliers pivoting our selves at the centre of youth and women empowerment through our  on job  training and supply chain development  programmes for people with little or no skill. We empower our clients with key tools to secure a sustainable future. In this way ORIBAGS builds a robust workforce needed for the low carbon economy for the  future.

A large number of informal workers in Uganda majority of whom are women and youth make a living collecting, sorting, recycling, and selling valuable materials. ORIBAGS promotes gender equality through decent work and equal opportunities for women and girls through improved labour conditions, detecting, improving and eliminating gender-based wage gaps and increasing women’s presence in occupational areas that are
traditionally male-dominated.

Our goal goal is to build waste pickers into waste entrepreneurs

Our Impact In Numbers

2,000,000 tons of waste recycled saving over 5 Million square meters of landfill space and replacing over 16 Million plastic bags with ecofriendly packaging products

2,000 Jobs created for women and youth both permanent and contractual

34,000,000 trees saved from being cut for paper and packaging production

226,000 tons of CO2 Emissions saved


We are a purpose driven business! But you don’t have to just believe us. Below are a few testimonials from our past and current partners. If you had an experience with our work or our products that is worth sharing, Contact us to share your testimonial today.

“ORIBAGS is tackling several problems in one: using waste and transforming it into products of value; training groups that supply the raw material for the packaging production; promoting an alternative to plastic bags; and training and hiring casual labourers who are mainly unemployed women and youths. This commendably holistic approach is innovative and responds very much to the prevailing circumstances in communities. The way in which ORIBAGS is working with disadvantaged people, as well as providing employment and training, makes for enhanced resilience of the community and is highly likely to contribute to the sustainability and scalability of the overall enterprise.”

Hellen K Marquard- Former Executive Director SEED, Deputy Director at the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)

“I just cant thank you enough!.ORIBAGS you made my function shine.I had unique presentation of all gifts in your gift boxes.From that time I got intrested in selling your boxes with gift hampers.Am happy that my business has since grown.Thank you for all the advice you gave me,It made setting up my business easy.”

Sandra Kasemire-Client

“Ugandan Companies are providing their leadership in the fight against climate change and tacking actions towards achieving SDGs. Been working with some inspiring Ugandan Companies on #SDG action through the @makeimpacti digital platform.You will be inspired by @oribags, an innovative #SDG12 company turning waste into packaging.”

Yolanda Saito, Co-Director and Patternships.-Impacti Solutions