Creative Eco-friendly Packaging- Manufactured to deliver an experience for you and the World


ORIBAGS is where Art meets Science on a factory floor! We offer packaging solutions  that exceed your expectation for a perfect gift.

Eco-friendly: Over 90% of our products are  recycled and recyclable.

Superior Workmanship: We manufacture our products from high-quality sustainable materials, paper, cardboard, textiles, leather and other recycled fibers. All our products are made by our dedicated team with a perfectly tailored approach and a high level of efficiency.

No Minimum Order: Order 1 or 10,000 pieces!. We work with big and small.  We are passionate  about working with small businesses and making them grow. We live this story. Whether a retailer or wholesaler, we aim to establish productive and long-lasting business relationships with all our clients.

Customization: We  make any personalized  gift bags, gift boxes you may  need. We make custom sizes, offer company logo applications, custom colors, artwork, art prints and other personalization options.

You say it, ORIBAGS will do it for you.                      Your limit is your imagination!

Our Products -Packaging that Speaks, Tells you and Moves you.

We manufacture gift boxes, giftbags and stationary products, three distinct but complementary pillars. Our 12 year experience in the market has set us apart as the pioneers of handmade paper technology and eco-friendly packaging from recycled fibres in Uganda.Our products are natural, strong and unique. A part from our standard product portfolio we are also open to individualized products or joint product development. If you want to find out more about becoming a distributor or create a new and fantastic product altogether, we are excited to work with you. Please contact us for more detailed information

Award Winning Innovation

At the World Environmental day 2018,ORIBAGS was recognized with the National Award for its  efforts to promote environmental management.


‘This award is a recognition of your particular achievements in innovation and entrepreneurship , your promising efforts to promote economic growth, social development and environmental management, and not least the ability  of your innovation to inspire others.”

Executive Director, NEMA

Our Impact

0 Tonnes of Waste Recycled
0 Trees Saved
0 Jobs Created

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