We provide sustainable and tailor-made recovery solutions for discarded materials.

ORIBAGS aims at maximizing recovery and minimizing waste accumulation in the environment.

We recover the following materials:

• Newspapers, inserts and flyers
• Corrugated cardboard
• Magazines and catalogues
• Paper drums and toilet rolls
• Paper cups,graphic printing and offcuts
• office paper, paper envelopes, and notepads
• Examination scripts,old files and folders
• Paper bags and discarded packaging boxes
• Paper Towels

Offices and Households: Waste separation is important. This way we can keep the cycles closed and obtain new raw materials from old newspapers ,cardboards and household paper waste.

Industrial: Industry and commerce produce large quantities of waste paper and cardboard.With ORIBAGS this waste is recycled into a new raw material that reduces our impact on natural resources such as trees and water and also energy.

It all starts with a free facility assessment.

We will Identify your organizational objectives and design a customized recycling solution.

A facility assessment(waste audit) will identify and quantify all of your recoverable materials.

We will advise on a management program to ensure all materials are properly sorted and collected.

We will provide you with all the means to track and measure the progress of the recovery program to optimize your waste diversion and enhance your individual /organizational contribution to environmental management

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