We manufacture paper board from recycled fibres from 850gsm to 2600gsm.

Product Features

Our expertise in developing and manufacturing recycled paperboard and in material integration allows for an impressive assortment of recyclable / repulpable paperboard grades


ORIBAGS board is made with the same process and raw material mix to deliver the same quality day after day. We have achieved a very homogenous product to deliver a very high level of stability that meets international standards.


The outer layers are carefully produced to deliver a perfectly smooth surface. Our expert staff have designed a level of smoothness aligned with the customers’ expectations. We are always working to improve the surface of our product.


Exceptional flat properties allow maximum flatness and avoid any warping episodes when using our paper boards.


Shorter fibers and control over the production process assure superior warp resistance. Controlled basis weight, moisture content and caliper deliver high-converting performance

Sample Products

We can provide you with samples of our paper board to confirm our quality, stability and sizes. Let us know the application purpose and we will advise on the appropriate size and grammage to meet your needs. We make stock size, full scap, A4. We sell in bundles and sheets. we work with both big and small.

Contact Us

If you’re interested in learning more about our paper board product portifolio, call us +256 789 542263,+256 706416581 or email us at sales@oribags-innovations.com.