Join us make a positive Impact!

Our Mission to advance innovative ideas to turn waste into a resource and drive circular economy business models that meet client needs, create great work and protect the health of the environment and people. Whatever the size of your investment, a one-off or long term investment can make lasting positive impact for our community, our environment and our business. Every penny brings us closer to our goal- to create greater business value through profit,People and Planet.

$5 per week could help support a local waste collection, reducing indiscriminate dumping, and burning of waste

$10 per month could enable a local recycling team to turn waste into wealth

$ 20 a month could fund a training scheme for communities to learn to manage their waste safely and sustainably.

We have developed a comprehensive growth plan (5years) to bring our circular economy business model to scale to fulfill the great need for eco-friendly packaging in Uganda and Africa in general. The growth strategy is focused on strengthening the management function, production capacity expansion, technological upgrading, Market expansion, product development, supply chain and distribution channel development.We are currently in need of external finance to support our vision and delivery of growth plan for the next five years and beyond.

We are positioned to deliver a strong financial return, which will fuel our growth for people, planet and our business. Your investment will not only bring you a good financial return but will also provide social and environmental impact while creating jobs for women and youth.

Our 5 commitments beyond 2022 and how we will achieve them:

  1. Sourcing: Recover and recycle 90% of the recyclable waste in Kampala and move to 100% sustainable and ethically sourced materials.– We will develop and use a localized and innovative cloud based waste management application suited for future smart cities to collect and pay for waste/raw material collections.
  2. Manufacturing and Production: 100% of the packaging we manufacture and sell is recyclable, compostable or reusable.We will develop our products according to recognized eco-design principles and pioneer eco-friendly packaging solutions using resource efficient ways, use less water, less energy and less green house gas emissions
  3. Marketing and product use: We will increase the reach of our products with purpose to 35 Million people and empower 5 million small enterprises to earn better living. We will partner with other stakeholders and build small retailers, distributors and micro-entrepreneurs to get access to skills, technology in marketing ORIBAGS eco-friendly products. 
  4. Promote safety health and well being of our staff: Promote preventive measures for health and well-being and ensure 100% of our staff are committed to a positive and well being approach and 100% of employees are trained on gender equality, unconscious biases related to equity, diversity and inclusion
  5. Communication and Reporting: We will build this website to share the great work we are already doing to inspire others and celebrate successes of new, scalable, repeatable models with greater impact

We are seeking to work with investors/partners who share our values with a strong commitment

If you would like to know more about our investment opportunities, our track record and our future plans, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us