Renaturing the World of discarded materials:

We are innovating solutions for waste challenges while fostering a circular economy

ORIBAGS collects and processes recyclable waste materials turning them into products that you can purchase and use for your everyday needs. The goal is to recycle and transform bio-waste from Offices, households and agricultural farms into recycled fibre for the production of eco-friendly paper, packaging, stationary and other products. ORIBAGS is NOT a waste management company:our focus is on discarded material management and we realise that everyones needs are different. We close the loop for our partners by taking recyclables and turning them into new products

We have made history! ORIBAGS has always shown leadership, Innovation and its entrepreneurial skills becoming one of the first mover companies  to create eco-friendly packaging and stationary  from local recycled fibers in Uganda

The Challenge

Majority of enterprises, households and Institutions in Uganda send over 90%  of their recyclable materials to the landfill ,incinerate or opt to burning. Only 55 % of the solid waste generated in Kampala is collected and managed.

Our Solution

ORIBAGS ecologically recovers waste into environmentally-friendly packaging, stationary and other products, providing a recycling service that currently does not exist, creating income opportunities for youths and women, and reducing environmental and health hazards in places where waste is currently burned or dumped. ORIBAGS produces, converts and markets packaging and stationary products that are composed mainly of recycled fbres, recovering and re-using resources, which then become the raw materials for our innovative products

What makes us different?

Unlike waste companies, we focus on resource recovery and resource return. We are not in the business of “waste management”. We focus on Discarded Material Management. We do not see materials as waste, we see them as resources. We are focused on the value in recognizing discarded materials as recyclables and putting effective programs in place to collect, process and return them as valuable products.

Sustainable Value Creation

At ORIBAGS, we  believe there is always a better way of doing things:

A better way to manage your discarded materials;

A better way to package and protect your products;

A better way to create a cleaner world.

Ethical production

We care deeply about our community and the environment employing  talented young men and women, providing decent green jobs  in communities where we work. Our method of production uses  processes that contribute to water and energy savings such as extensive water re-circulation systems, efficient wastewater treatment and natural drying systems.

Renaturing materials

ORIBAGS uses raw materials that are considered as trash and come from the waste collection systems.  The goal is to use minimal resources in a circular economy, eliminate environmental contamination and be the most sustainable choice available. We use natural, upcycled and recycled materials to reduce and reuse waste.

Committed to the planet

Every product we produce is hand-crafted one at a time in our factory through a low-tech zero carbon production process. At the end of their useful life, ORIBAGS products can be recycled again or disposed off to decompose completely in the soil and regenerate the earth.