Businesses and enterprises have a legal and ethical responsibility to keep sensitive documents & information from falling into the wrong hands.Banking, legal, medical are the most prone sectors. ORIBAGS is committed to providing cost-effective, secure paper shredding solutions to our clients while utilizing your material in the creation of new environmentally friendly products. We offer a wide range of shredding service solutions ranging from regularly scheduled, to one-time on or off-site shredding. Each program is tailored to fit your organization’s unique challenges.

With our secure shredding and document destruction services, we protect you and you protect the environment.
We can help you design and implement an efficient, cost-effective and secure document destruction solution. Our consultants will help you establish a solution that meets your company’s needs.
When you partner with ORIBAGS shredding services, you have the assurance that your discarded materials are turned into products where possible leaving no chances for competitors to reassemble the information. Many of the shredded material collected from your facility will be recycled to create new packaging such as gift bags and gift boxes contributing to a circular economy.

ORIBAGS shredding programme  process begins with our professional staff working with you to develop a tailored document shredding program that seamlessly fits your organization.

For larger, more specific paper shreds, such as end-of-year cleanouts, we schedule a document purge to efficiently clear out unwanted or outdated sensitive files saving you time and cost.

We offer home shred services, office shredding services and commercial shredding services. When you shred with ORIBAGS, you have all the assurance that all the shredded paper is recycled into new products other than being dumped.

We will provide you with monthly diversion reports with detailed impact information information of landfill space and carbon emissions you have saved.

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